Secret Project: The Neural Amplifier

“Against such abominations, we organize our defenses on the principle that one strong and able mind can shield the many.”

— Spartan Battle Manual

This is a surprisingly solid secret project video.  On the surface, it’s just a series of disjointed, rather disturbing images, intercut with a few floating heads.  The overall effect is intended to be a little like reading the wrong sort of message board, where people go out of their way to post the craziest things they can find.  But – as with so many of these – the context is what makes it.

The video is obviously intended to give the viewer a taste of what it would be like to be on the wrong side of a psionic attack.  For one, it’s disorienting.  And, as we can see with the images of snakes and spiders, it is clearly intended to tap into widespread, inbuilt fears.

I think it is fair to presume from this that a typical effective psionic attack just overloads the sensory inputs of the target with a series of inchoate images, cycling through them until they find the one that the target is the most receptive to, and then hammering countless variations on that until the hapless victim drops his flamethrower and becomes a host to countless mind worm larvae.

In fact, it is likely that target’s memory is accessed as part of this operation, enabling the attacker to narrowly target the fears more precisely.  Since the native mind worms are the first to do this, and human minds must have been completely alien to them at Planetfall, it is pretty unlikely that they’d have Earth-like sensations to impart.  Although, to be fair, having a completely alien mind inside one’s head would be terrifying in its own way.

But the project is designed to help thwart this psionic vector.  How is this possible?  The quote and the repeated appearance of the three helmeted soldiers gives the answer.  It is possible to project a reassuring human presence into the minds of the victims, giving them the sensation that they are not alone under the psionic assault, while simultaneously transferring or redirecting the force of the attack to a subset of trained individuals who are much more capable of resisting the influence.

It is also worth noting that the quote for this psionic defense project comes from Colonel Santiago.  This leads one to conclude that the Spartans were the ones to build this project in the implied canon.

Remember, we know from previous quotes that the Gaians and the Spartans were in conflict.  And we know that the canon Gaians have chosen to use tame mind worm boils to attack enemy bases.  So, presumably, the Spartans were highly motivated to come up with a method by which they could better resist these psionic depredations, and the Neural Amplifier was the result of their efforts.


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